Non-lodgement of an annual tax return is child support and tax evasion.

435,425 customers with an outstanding tax return

The Child Supporty Inquiry (2014) stated that there were 435,425 customers with an outstanding tax return.  Not having a current and ‘actual’ income assessment erodes the integrity of the Child Support Scheme whilst the decision not to lodge an annual tax return is to avoid and or minimise child support.

We invite families affected by the practice of not lodging a tax return to upload their experience.  The purpose is to put a spotlight on this practice, to raise community awareness, and to be part of a national effort that is seeking change.

Child Support Debt is Financial Abuse

Child Support Debt = Financial Abuse


Debt as at August 2014:

  • $977 million of the total debt is associated with domestic cases;
  • $388.6 million is associated with international cases;
  • $178.1 million of customer debt is less than 1 year old;
  • $608.9 million is 1 year and 5 years old;
  • $375.2 million is between 5 years and 10 years old; and
  • $203.3 million is older than 10 years.

#fact1: most debt is domestic

#fact 2: $1B plus is less than 10 years old which harms today`s child

#fact 3: 271,775 or 37% transferred was between 0 to $500 per annum (2014)

#fact4: Tax evasion is ignored with 435,425 customers having outstanding tax returns (2014)

#fact5: The debt is airbrushed as it does not include Private Collect which is more than 50% of all child support customers.

#fact6: Child support debt is used to control and or to inflict financial abuse

#fact7: Child support debt overwhelmingly harms women heading up a sole family

#fact8: Child support debt robs children of opportunities


It`s enough

We invite families who are entitled to child support and have a debt, to share their debt.  It can be a screenshot of your debt and or a comment.

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