Child Support Debt is Financial Abuse

Child Support Debt = Financial Abuse


Debt as at August 2014:

  • $977 million of the total debt is associated with domestic cases;
  • $388.6 million is associated with international cases;
  • $178.1 million of customer debt is less than 1 year old;
  • $608.9 million is 1 year and 5 years old;
  • $375.2 million is between 5 years and 10 years old; and
  • $203.3 million is older than 10 years.

#fact1: most debt is domestic

#fact 2: $1B plus is less than 10 years old which harms today`s child

#fact 3: 271,775 or 37% transferred was between 0 to $500 per annum (2014)

#fact4: Tax evasion is ignored with 435,425 customers having outstanding tax returns (2014)

#fact5: The debt is airbrushed as it does not include Private Collect which is more than 50% of all child support customers.

#fact6: Child support debt is used to control and or to inflict financial abuse

#fact7: Child support debt overwhelmingly harms women heading up a sole family

#fact8: Child support debt robs children of opportunities


It`s enough

We invite families who are entitled to child support and have a debt, to share their debt.  It can be a screenshot of your debt and or a comment.


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